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10 February 2018

How To Do Website Maintenance - Tips and Tools

As you plan your website for success, similarly, take care of your website maintenance from the very beginning. Be sure to create your website for your Lifetime usage, never for 2/3 years and you must be thinking about the sources of income from your website. For this, you are going to deal with many contents, products, and some network places. So I say, the whole thing should be pre-planned. In order to do the same, it should start with the premeditated attitude of various security, ranking, risk-factors, and various aspects of website maintenance.

In this article, I'll try to present how you can take various steps of website maintenance from the beginning of your website and again like other articles, I'll briefly mention all the topics in one article. Hopefully, it will be a delight for you.

From This Post: How To Create A WordPress Blog or Website

So before reading this article, if you don't have a website yet, then from the link below, find out how to complete the first stage of your website.Some of Your Startup Mistake, Due to the Failure of Your Purpose

  1. Creating a product or service that no one wants
  2. Unfortunately, neglect or mistake in the second step
  3. The lack of proper Brainstorming
  4. Failure in startup marketing and sales strategies

Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines

You know Google is a big one in the current world and the contribution of Google's services to people's lives in the world is much higher than others. Similarly, for all your work online, you have been with Google in different ways and will be in the future.

So In Google also, there are quality guidelines for presenting your information online, if you do not follow, you can't expect good results. In short, Google wants your humor, anything that is original, which is really your own.

For this when you create a website, you have to use some Google tools and which are more useful for your website maintenance. You should be grateful that you are getting a great opportunity to use a very good service free of charge. Such as:

Google Search Console, Google AdWords Keyword ResearchAll Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics

In the case of Website Maintenance, I'll ask you to look at Google's Guideline before creating your valuable content.

Legal Truth: Copyright Issue

Never copy, and don't promote any product without permission. it will not fulfill your purpose. Rather than receiving money, you will waste precious timeThat means to keep something original on your table, just as Google Webmaster is always saying. Hope this is a simple and understandable answer for you.

But as a blogger or journalist, if you have received any information from any sources and have written your own original research, then mentioning the source link at the beginning is safe and this is good for your ranking. But you will never be able to use anything copyrighted.

You may see such text on the "Copyright Policy" page of all Quality Websites -

"(For the avoidance of doubt, you must not adapt, edit, change, transform, publish, republish, distribute, redistribute, broadcast, rebroadcast or show or play in public this website or the material on this website (any form or media ) without BloggerBoundary prior written permission.) "

You may know that copyright protection is an automated issue, that is, at the moment you are publishing something online.

Fortunately, there are laws to protect the owners of a blog or website.  In 1990, the U.S. Government passes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or the DMCA.

Through this law, any content will be removed by reporting a platform or web host through A Takedown Notice.

For this, you must have relevant legal pages in your blog or website footer to keep your blog or website content safe. Such as
Privacy policies, Copyright notices, Terms, and conditions of use, Disclaimers, Accessibility information, Abuse or complaints contact information, Trademarks, Patents, Corporate policies

In addition to the first 4 legal pages for your website maintenance, other pages may also be required depending on the type of service your website has.

Free Unique or Duplicate Content Checker Tools

OK! Now let's introduce some tools that will often require you to maintain your website, such as before and after writing your content -

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection Software
Siteliner - It's a great tool to quickly analyze your entire websites - like duplicate content, broken links, internal page rank, and much more. You can also create XML Sitemaps for your website.
Plagiarisma - It's popular Windows, Android software for students, teachers, scholars or writers to write the thesis paper, recruitment, experimental exams or famous literature. Which you can use online for free or by downloading the software. It supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, Scholar, Books.

There are more good tools for detecting plagiarism online - like Duplichecker, Plagium

Free Tools For Self-publishing Authors

Let's now mention some tools needed for your writing. But before you start writing, you must do keyword research. I mentioned this paragraph after this paragraph in this article about the research. Here are some more useful tools and some of the tools you will find in some other articles in this blog.

Grammarly is a popular software that can be used everywhere by adding an add-on to any browser as your English spelling and grammar checking tools. It is highly recommended to you that you can use this extension freely.

You can also use this GIMP tool to edit your images faster online. or You can get this post much better for editing online faster.

Look at the following: Quick and Free Online Graphic Design Tools

I also wrote another post with some information to start your initial activities. Hopefully, you can use this post as well.

Look at the following: Digital Marketing Tips for Startups with Tools

The different parts of the above two posts will be essential for your website maintenance. For this, I would say, take a little time to get information from two posts.

Find, Analysis and Suggestions Overview

The keyword is the words that are typed into the google search engine. By using such special keywords, more people are searching. Google delivers such data to the public for free.

If you use these special keywords in the title of your post, then you have a chance to show that post on Google search result first. For such a good post, your website is full of numerous organic visitors.

To find such special keywords, you'll need these tools below -

Google AdWords Keyword Planner - This is a proper keyword research tool that helps you find keywords to display text, image or video ads correctly. You will only use this information for quality posts.

Semrush - This tool is a powerful and multipurpose competitive intellectual suit for all your online marketing. Since many features are added, you can use this tool for free only 15 days. - You can use this tool for more information, including link analysis, rank tracking, keyword difficulty scoring, and local search optimization.

SERP Checker - You may need this tool to discover such keywords or to search the position of Search Engine Ranking.

Similar things you might need, such as AhrefsKWfinderSERPWatcherGoogle Rank Checker, SEOCentro Rank CheckerRankTank

Website Security Plugins

You must use Security plugins for your WordPress website.
In this case, I will mention two plugins. (1) Wordfence (2) iThemes
Wordfence - The best security plugins for free use.
iThemes - This is also a good plugin for free use. However, if you want to use security plugins by spending money, using "iThemes Security Plugins" will be much better, for many reasons, the price of "iThemes Security plugging" will be much lower.
Finally, if I say in one sentence, you can use one of the two mentioned free plugins.

For the sake of your safety, you can watch this video below on YouTube -

Tools To Scan Vulnerabilities and Malware

At this time, during your website maintenance, if you notice that someone else is accessing your website, then to confirm the matter you can check the security of your website online, whether anyone is hacking your website or not. In this case, you can use the following tools.
ScanMyServerSiteGuardingSSL LabsFreeScanDetectifySucuri,
Among them WebInspector - This tool gives you 3 steps to MALWARE SCAN and allows you to remove it freely.

Secure Website Seal Provider

DMCA Protection Pro - The best solution for protecting any kind of content on your website.
SSL Certificate - Secure Your Data and Transactions
McAfee SECURE - - We help safe websites sell more.

In Conclusion

Finally, I will tell you to look back on the first infographic of this article, where I gave a similar idea on how to look at a whole year for website maintenance. However, you can manage any task at any time. But the matter will be a lot like that.
How To Do Website Maintenance - Tips and Tools
4/ 5 stars - "How To Do Website Maintenance - Tips and Tools" As you plan your website for success , similarly, take care of your website maintenance from the very beginning. Be sure to create your...

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