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14 February 2018

How To Speed Up Blogger Blog or WordPress Sites

No one not like slow websites or blogs, which may take a lot of time to load and increase costs by losing data. Likewise, if your site isn't fast, then Google search engines will also show up your website result after all other fastest websites that means your website's speed is a significant factor for a website's ranking. So it is more important for you to make the least time to load your site. Let's see how we'll speed up our blogger blog or WordPress website or blog.

Generally, the speed on your website may be low because of
(1) Due to bad/low price hosting (Not applicable for Host )
(2) Due to the large image or not optimize images.
(3) Due to the many Plugins or Scripts/
(4) Due to a Bad theme
(5) Due to web materials link from another website.

Notice the points mentioned above, if all is well, then let's see how your website or blog can be swift much faster.

Performance and Speed Test Tools

At first, we'll examine our website to see how much performance grade our site is and how much time it takes to load.

At first, we'll use the following two tools.
(1)  Pingdom 
(2)  Google PageSpeed Insights

For page performance check, if you wish you can take the average sense from the same kind of different tools, like GTmetrixVarvy Pagespeeddotcom-monitor, Sucuri Load Time Tester

For example, after using Pingdomthe performance and load time of a page on my blog.

In the same way, we'll examine from Google PageSpeed Insights, and we'll look at the following instructions, like (Minify JavaScript, Minify CSS, Optimize Image and all others )

Now let's see how fast our website or blog can be used by using minify tools. For this, we'll take some guidance from Google Developer, so please read this or notice my quick directions.

To Image Optimization

In this situation, we'll first optimize all the large images. For this, I like 2 tools
(1) OptimiZilla or (2) CompressNow 

If you want, you can try other tools too. Such as (3) Jpeg-Optimizer, (4) Tinypng then, ImageRecycle, CompressNow, Trimage,,  JPEGminiOnline Image OptimizerGiftOfSpeed

To Minify HTML

Then we'll minify/compress the entire HTML files. You've noticed that in the admin panel: Theme > Edit HTML section there is much white space in each line. That makes your pages heavy. Using Html Minifier tools will remove those white space.

In this way, minify each part separately and replace the minified files in the earlier places.

Know if You Still Don't Know: How To Backup or Restore Complete Blogger Blog

Note here: To edit later, keep your entire theme backed up. Then minify again in the same way to make your blog faster.

To Minify CSS

The same thing is also the case of CSS files, where you notice lots of white space. In the same way, we'll replace the white space by using tools and replacing CSS files.

For this, I'll use one of the best tools. (1) CSS Minifier or (2) GiftOfSpeed

To Minify JavaScript

Similarly, we'll minify our JavaScript. The thing is that all the coding between
<script type = 'text /javascript'> or <script> to </script> will be compressed.

There are many tools available to compress JavaScript, but I'll compress with just one of the best tools. JSCompress or

You can try others if you want. Such as Packer,

Make JavaScript Asynchronous

Then there is one more important thing to mention regarding loading the script. For example, if some script is loaded after loading all the scripts, then the original blog or website page will appear first. For more info, you can visit this page.

How to Do:
Step 1. Here you have to add 'async' this word like below but -
For Blogger: You just have to add red code parts <script type='text/javascript' async='async'>
For Wordpress: You can do this way... <script async src="your.js">

Step 2. Then, just paste the full script before </ body>

Use Cloudflare DNS and SSL

In addition to the three mentioned above, you'll also need to use Cloudflare to increase the speed of your website or blog, even using free SSL from Cloudflare.

Note: The same thing also applies to the WordPress website.

For Wordpress Blog or Website

You may know that each of your plugins is made in different coding. So you can use some WordPress plugins like (1) Autoptimize or (2) WP Super Minify to reduce the size of your Images, PHP, JavaScript or CSS.

For up-time and downtime monitoring of your website's hosting, you can sign up for free on any of the following 1 websites. Such as SiteUpTimeHost-TrackerFreeSiteStatusMonitisSite24x7

At The End

I understand that the whole thing for Blogger is a little complicated. But it's right that you've to do the entire thing once. So again, you don't miss any commas or letters. After backing up your whole theme, it'll be a lot easier for you to try once. For more details, you can write in the comments below.
How To Speed Up Blogger Blog or WordPress Sites
4/ 5 stars - "How To Speed Up Blogger Blog or WordPress Sites" No one not like slow websites or blogs, which may take a lot of time to load and increase costs by losing data. Likewise, if your site i...


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