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08 February 2018

How to Sell Premium Domain Name 2019

Domain names can be sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars, if you find the right domain name and if the right buyer comes along. So how can you Sell Domain Name? Definitely, premium domain name selling is worth in my eyes.

You must know that your .COM domain is only a name, but when this domain is associated with your hosting website, then the whole thing is converted into your assets as a brand. But even if you don't have your website, your .COM domain is one and the priceless treasure. In this way, if you find a good domain, you can sell your domain for thousands of dollars and you can sell your premium domain name using your idle time while you are in any type of profession.

How can you sell such a domain?
There are only a few marketplaces available through which you can sell your domain, among which are the most popular GoDaddy Auction, where you can purchase your own domain and for sell as well. The issue of selling such a domain has started from 2005, and because of this you may find that your desired domain is not available at the original price. It is a permanent way and you can see some premium domain names sold at such high price in the last month. See the example of selling premium domain names in the below picture..

Let's see how you will sell your first premium domain name in a few steps: -

Why You Can Earn From Domain Name Sell! 
[ 1 ] Every day, 20,000 domain is available after the expiry date and it is possible to purchase it again. That's why, if you are searching for a little bit, and if you do some brainstorming then you will find many interesting and well-known names. 

Here are some sources of getting the Expiry domain or to get the list of domain names going to be deleted: domcopdns.plExpiredDomainsdomainpunch.

[ 2 ] Suppose, you've got a nice new domain name. E.g. Many people may be interested to buy even a little more money. After all (.com) domain is a BRAND, which is only yours.

[ 3 ] Many domain owners may accidently forget to renew the Domain. Due to their own mistakes, you may have a lot of profit. This is a legitimate way. This is a legitimate way.

[ 4 ]  You will see that this domain may be able to buy within $00.99 to $14.96. Then you can return the domain to the old owner in exchange for hundreds of money.

[ 5 ] Also, many people buy domain by matching the special keyword to remain on the first page of Google search results. If you want, you can do Keywords Research then sell these types of domains name, if available. 

Tools: Google KeyPlanner, Google External Keyword Tool: Use it to know about keywords, demand for a product or service, and how often it is being searched. Something such as:
- Keyword Research for YouTube
- Keyword Research for Amazon
- Competitor Checker

[ 6 ] You can also buy Premium Domain from Godaddy Auctions in between $50 - $100, then again you can sell that domain at a higher price in same place Godaddy Auction.

[ 7 ] You can also sell the domain to a trusted friend if you want. Keep in mind, whether your friend is interested or not? But if such a belief is not to your friend, it is better not to sell his domain for him.

And of course, avoiding any copyright or trademark issues is very important that could result in domain forfeiture.

Also note here:  You can also sell your domain through Godaddy Auction, even if you buy a domain from any other domain name registrar, like NameSilo, NameCheap, HostGatorDomain, etc. But just making a list of selling domains name in Godaddy is less hassle.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name
Here is how much worth your domain should be based on the following:

Domain Name Extension (.com is the most accepted and preferred TLD)
Number of words and letters it contains (as short as possible)
Memorability (How easy it is to remember?)
Pronounceability (How easy to pronounce?)
Search Results (Whether the word is searched or not?)
Traffic Rank (How Alexa page rank and search engine PR?)
Age of Domain (Has the domain been established?)
Numbers and Hyphens (Does it make it hard to verbalize?)
Marketability (Is it possible to be branded as a brand or a business?)

The Domain Related More Information Sources
The characteristics of your domain usage history are reviewed when a buyer purchasing your domain, e.g.

Domain Name
Create Date – Whois
Expiration Date – Whois
Current Status – live site, parked, not parked, redirected, etc.
Registrar – GoDaddyNameCheap, Network Solutions etc.
Trust Flow – Majestic
Domain Authority – Moz
Page Authority – Moz
Citation Flow – Majestic
Value – Estibot
Sell? – keep or sell it? yes or no
Asking Price
Buy It Now Price (BIN)
Reserve Price – the lowest price you’d sell it for
Sent Emails – yes or not
Sites Listed – yes or not

You can download and use the toolbar to see all such domain related information.

Learning About Domain Transfer Process
To transfer your domain to another operator or domain registrar, you will need to look at two things:

To transfer your domain to another operator or domain registrar, you will need to look at two things:

(1) Unlock: To transfer any domain, first to unlock the domain.
(2) Authorization Code: To authorize the transfer of your domain.

Both of these issues will be found in any of your current domain registrar account. Normally, the transfer process can take 5-7 days to complete, and you will get email repeatedly until the transfer is completed in the email address associated with your domain.

Outreach to Potential Buyers
You only need a buyer to sell a premium domain name. However, if you have a lot of domain listings, you must present it to your buyer through the Paid website or by listing it through the free website. However, you can sell your premium domain name by searching the buyer in a few more ways mentioned below -

[ 1 ] Make a list of your potential buyers. Although it is a little harder, you have to search using search engines.

[ 2 ] You can use this tool at Estibot to find a buyer. If you spend some money here, they'll find the buyer for you, even they give you their email address so you can contact later.

[ 3 ] Typically, you can email directly to your buyer with a little bit, so that your buyer can express interest in getting a lower cost than your asking price.

[ 4 ] When purchasing the exact match domain (EMD) with Google AdWords Keyword Research, Buyer will find you by searching for the domain automatically. However, if you set a low price, you might expect quick results.

[ 5 ] DNJournal is the old website for domain in a magazine industry. You can get a weekly sale report from Premium Domains Sell. From here you can take the idea that any type of domain is sold.

[ 6 ] In addition to these, DomainIndexEstibot, Domaining, GoDaddy, Sedo websites will give your domain's estimate the value. After then if you set Asking Price less, then your buyer may quickly bid to buy your domain.

[ 7 ] If necessary, you can discuss, buy or sell domains in the Free Forum mentioned below. E.g., WarriorForum, Bal Forum. In this case, DN Forum is only relevant to domineer.

[ 8 ] In addition to Godaddy Auctions, you can also list your domain on one of several online auction sites, like; Sedo, Flippa, or AfterNic. These websites will also help you find many potential buyers in less time.

[ 9 ] DomainElitPro is a secret tool that uses many Domineer, which will help you find better domains by reducing your brainstorming. If you are new to such a task, then this tool will give you a good deal.

How to Sell In Godaddy Auctions
Godaddy Auctions is a big marketplace and self-contained than all other Auctions Place on the Internet. If you want, after spending just $4, you can take Godaddy Auctions membership and have the opportunity to buy or sell Premium Domain.

So how to list your domain with Godaddy Auctions in premium form, hope to understand the following video.

At the latest stage, you can see 4 such options
Offer/Counter Offer
Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now
Buy Now Only
7-Day Public Auction

Here, the direct "Buy Now" option is better than ever and, after a few days, "7-Day Public Auction" is even more effective.

Try it, maybe the whole process can be for 1 hour of activity for you. You just have to do brainstorming work and you first have to learn some strategies to sell the domain name. More interesting things, you can earn a lot of money from part-time working on selling premium domains name.

I believe you've got a new job and have already thought about it. If so, If so, then buy a domain and sell your domain as a premium domain name with Godaddy Auctions Membership.

If you still have any doubts, please feel free to comment on the comment box below or contact form. I will definitely try to answer your comments.
How to Sell Premium Domain Name 2019
4/ 5 stars - "How to Sell Premium Domain Name 2019" Domain names can be sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars, if you find the right domain name and if the right buyer comes along. So ho...

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